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Wikipedia:Phase II feature requests/Interface

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This page is obsolete! It is an archive of old feature requests that were still active on 2002 July 20, when we moved from Phase II to Phase III of the software. Many requests were implemented then, while others became obsolete due to being rejected by the community. See Wikipedia:Feature requests for current requests.

This is old. The current working document is Wikipedia:User interface ideas (see).

Requests for what goes on outside of the entries--the menubars up top and bottom, etc., user preferences.

  • Can we have the "edit this page right now!" link back at the top of the page? Or was that voted down? I like it.
  • I would like a link somewhere to my own personal page, since there I have linked pages that are of interest to me (in lack of a 'subscribe' feature =). I always search for my own page the first thing when I surf to wikipedia.
    • When you're logged in, your personal page is linked to on every page. --Damian Yerrick
  • I would like to have a CANCEL Button on the Edits page (Page in Edit mode) added to the two existing ones SUBMIT and PREVIEW. Just to have a clear understanding what is going on and what the system/database is up to. User:StefanRybo
    • How about a "SPELL CHECK" button, too?
      • It would be helpful if the spell checking also check for variations of Wiki links, such as "Recent Changes" vs. "Recent Changes". It can eliminate branching of similar pages.
  • Automatically update the present (server) date. Link the date to that day's page.
  • When I'm editing a topic, I'd like to have the search box available at the bottom of the page. User:Janet Davis
  • Making the "redirected from" comment at the top of each page an option which is by default off, not on. This feature would clean up wikipedia pages for casual users, and leave the nuts and bolts visible to people who wish to track down the offending OdDlyCapitaliZed links, etc. Of course (if I may say so) ;-) for this option to work, the caching problem would first have to be resolved. --KQ
    • Under this scheme, how could we ever visit the redirection page? By switching a preference? I dunno, seems like we have to edit redirection pages too often. This would just create confusion, wouldn't it? --User:LMS
    • Yes, I think you're right. Maybe if we could just exclude them from "Random Page" results
  • Provide a user preference to include the preview (formatted version of the page) when entering editing mode. (This would save me one click + wait for almost every page I edit. User:Buttonius
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