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Reviewer: K. Peake (talk · contribs) 13:18, 8 October 2020 (UTC)[reply]

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I recall you being respectful and patient after I delivered two reviews for you in the past; I will take this article on now as part of the GAN drive! --K. Peake 13:18, 8 October 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Infobox and lead

  • June–July, August–September 2001 → June–September 2001
  • Replace hlist with bullet points in the infobox
  • Target Pop punk to Pop-punk
  • Separate labels using bullet points
  • "released on March 12, 2002, jointly through" → "It was released on March 12, 2002, through" as a new sentence
  • "to Drive-Thru Records. Recording for their debut album" → "to Drive-Thru. Recording for the album"
  • Wikilink music video
  • "appeared in January 2003." → "was released in January 2003."
  • The last two sentences of this para should come directly after this one instead
  • "Initial touring to promote the album consisted" → "Initial accompanying tours for promotion consisted" and this belongs as the second sentence of the second para in the new order
  • "in the US and the UK" → "in the United States and the United Kingdom"
  • "The band also appeared at" → "The band later appeared on" and this should still follow the other tour sentence in the new order
  • "The album's title-track was released as a radio single in" → "The title-track "What Is It to Burn" was released as the lead single in" with the appropriate wikilink
  • "by "Letters to You" in April." → "by the single "Letters to You" in April of that year." with the appropriate target
  • "Double A-sided single "New Beginnings"/"What It Is to Burn" was released in August." → ""New Beginnings"/"What It Is to Burn" was released as the third and final single on a double A-side in August 2003."
  • Move the chart positions of the singles to being here, though they may be ordered more afterwards
  • "primarily a pop punk/emo release," → "primarily a pop punk and emo release," with the target
  • "is also classed as" → "was also classed as"
  • "It received a positive reaction from" → "The album received generally positive reviews from"
  • "with many finding it an enjoyable listen." → "being found as an enjoyable listen by many."
  • "The album charted at number 99 on the Billboard 200 in the US and at number 177 in the UK." → "On the US Billboard 200, What It Is to Burn charted at number 99, while it reached number 177 on the UK Albums Chart." with the wikilink and this should begin a third para
  • "album sales stood at over 400,000 copies." → "the album has sold over 400,000 copies worldwide."
  • "charted on the UK top 40 singles chart," → "charted at number 39 on the UK Singles Chart," with the wikilink
  • "the top 40 on the" → "the top 40 of the US"
  • "The album has since been" → "It has since been"
  • "the emo/post-hardcore scene." → "the emo and post-hardcore scenes."
  • "The band went on a" → "Finch embarked on a"
  • "tour for the album in 2013 through" → "tour in 2013 across"
  • "Japan and Australia." → "Japan, and Australia."

Background and production

  • "under the name Numb with" → "under the name of Numb, with"
  • "It was thought that" → "It was rumored that"
  • "though Finch has since" → "though Finch have since"
  • The source identifies the band as being named Evitca Fresh; fix this
  • "owner Richard Reines[1]" → "owner Richard Reines," and move [1] solely to the end of the sentence since it backs all of that up
  • Target fan letter to Fan mail
  • "Reines offered the group a chance to perform and" → "Richard offered the band a chance to perform for Drive-Thru Records and" per MOS:SAMESURNAME
  • "co-label owner, Stefanie" → "co-label owner, Stefanie Reines"
  • "were impressed and signed the group." → "were impressed by the performance and signed Finch afterwards."
  • Wikilink Escondido, California
  • "in February and April 2001." → "in February and April of 2001."
  • "They began recording" → "Finch began recording"
  • "in June[5]" → "in June of that year" and move [5] solely to the end of the sentence after [4]
  • "tracking guitars in July." → "tracking guitars for the album in July 2001."
  • "amplifiers. Linares used" → "amplifiers, while Linares used"
  • "helped with the album's with guitar effects." → "with the guitar effects on What It is to Burn."
  • "into August and September." → "throughout 2001, going into August and September."
  • "The group met Palumbo at" → "Finch first met Palumbo at"
  • "show and had kept in" → "show, and had kept in"
  • "While they were recording, they asked him" → "While they were recording for the album, the band asked Palumbo"
  • "Trombino did programming" → "Trombino completed programming"
  • Target mixed to Audio mixing (recorded music)
  • Target mastered to Mastering (audio)


  • Retitle to Composition and lyrics
  • "Musically, the album has been" → "Musically, What It Is to Burn has been"
  • Target pop punk to Pop-punk
  • Remove [14] since not only is four sources enough to be together, but any more is too much to back up the genre
  • "The release drew comparisons to" → "The album received comparisons to the music of"
  • "Linkin Park and" → "Linkin Park, and"
  • "crooning and screaming;" → "crooning and screaming on What It Is to Burn;" with the target
  • "around the group jamming." → "around Finch jamming."
  • "said they could write a song" → "said they could sometimes write a song"
  • "before shifting to aggressive" → "before the song shifts to aggressive"
  • Wikilink power chords instead of the full two words
  • "It sets the tone for the album" → "The song sets the tone for What It Is to Burn"
  • "memorable melodies' parts and tuneful choruses." → "memorable melodies and tuneful choruses." with the target
  • "on "Letters to You" bordered on" → "on "Letters to You" border on"
  • "was one of the group's oldest songs," → "was one of Finch's oldest songs,"
  • "said was about a couple" → "said is about a couple"
  • "addressing a letter" → "sending a letter"


  • Retitle to Release and promotion
  • "The Falling into Place EP was released" → "Finch's debut EP Falling into Place was released"
  • [25] should solely be at the end of the sentence
  • "A music video was released for "Letters to You" in" → "A music video for "Letters to You" was released in" with the wikilink
  • ""[a]trocious", while" → ""[a]trocious," while"
  • "On January 13, "Untitled" was" → "On January 13, 2001, the track "Untitled" was"
  • Target MCA to MCA Records
  • "and measurements. The back cover" → "and measurements, while the back cover"
  • [7] offers mention of the beaker with boiling liquid but not it being on the back cover
  • "boiling liquid. Doherty said they" → "boiling liquid; Doherty said the band"
  • "cool imagery"." → "cool imagery.""
  • "It was replaced on later pressings" → "The demo was replaced on the later pressings"
  • "The UK edition," → "The United Kingdom edition,"
  • Target acoustic to Acoustic music
  • "The group filmed another music video for" → "Finch filmed a new music video for"
  • "in mid-April 2002[31]" → "in mid-April 2002,[31]"
  • "on May 24." → "on May 24, 2002."
  • "the group signed to" → "the band signed to"
  • Wikilink distribution deal
  • "was released as a radio single[37]" → "was released to radio stations across the United States as the lead single from What Is It to Burn,[37]" with the wikilink
  • "the track[12] with director Alexander Kosta." → "the track,[12] which was directed by Alexander Kosta.
  • "on February 21, 2003." → "on February 12, 2003."
  • "In March, Punknews.org held" → "In March of that year, Punknews.org held"
  • Target vinyl to Phonograph record
  • "On April 22, "Letters to You" was released as a single." → "On April 22, 2003, "Letters to You" was released on CD as What Is It to Burn's second single." with the targets
  • "and "Letters to You"." → "and "Letters to You" as bonus tracks."
  • "Following this," → "Following on from this,"
  • "as a double A-sided single on August 25." → "on a double A-sided as the album's third and final single on August 25, 2003." with the target


  • Retitle to Tours
  • "Following the album's release, the group" → "Following the release of What It Is to Burn, Finch"
  • "In April and May 2002, the group went on tour with" → "In April and May of 2002, the band toured with"
  • "Following this, the group" → "After this, they"
  • Remove wikilink on New Found Glory
  • "the group performed on" → "Finch performed on"
  • [47] should solely be at the end of the sentence before [48]
  • "the Drive-Thru Records Stage." → "the Drive-Thru Records stage."
  • "In late August, the group performed" → "In late August of 2002, the band performed"
  • "In September, the group performed" → "The following month, Finch performed"
  • "In October and November," → "In October and November of 2002,"
  • "went tour across the US alongside" → "embarked on a tour across the US with"
  • "In November and December, the group" → "In the last two months of the year, Finch"
  • [52] should solely be at the end of the sentence before [53]
  • "with From Autumn to Ashes and" → "with From Autumn to Ashes as well as"
  • [54] should solely be at the end of the sentence
  • "January and February 2003." → "January and February of 2003."
  • "initially planned to support before being" → "initially planned to be the support act, before they were"
  • "went on a co-heading US tour" → "went on a co-headlining US tour"
  • "Following this, the group continued touring" → "Following on from this, Finch continued touring"
  • [57] should solely be at the end of the sentence before [58]
  • "until early March." → "until early March of 2003."
  • "In March, the group went" → "That same month, the band went"
  • "In April, the group performed" → "In April 2003, they performed"
  • "In early May, the band performed at" → "In early May of 2003, Finch performed for"
  • "In June, the band" → "The following month, the band"
  • "appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live![62]" → "appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!,[62]"
  • "at KROQ's Weenie Roast festival." → "at the KROQ Weenie Roast festival."
  • "In early July, the group appeared" → "In early July of 2003, Finch appeared"
  • "In August, the group performed" → "The following month, they performed"


  • Retitle to Critical reception and I will elaborated on the new order below
  • Target FasterLouder to Junkee Media

Critical response

  • This should not be under a sub-section; it should be the only part of the Critical reception section
  • "was received positively for the most part by" → "was met with generally positive reviews from"
  • "calling the release "phenomenal", noting that the group" → "calling the album "phenomenal," noting that Finch"
  • "The record "exemplifies" → "He also wrote that the album "exemplifies"
  • "punk scene", going on to list" → "punk scene," citing"
  • "specific sound. The album showcases the group's" → "specific sound, observing that the album showcases their"
  • "perky rock" incorporating Glassjaw," → "perky rock," incorporating Glassjaw,"
  • Wikilink Molotov cocktail
  • Remove The Gateway per WP:RSSM
  • "referred to the release as an" → "referred to What It Is to Burn as an"
  • Target FasterLouder to Junkee Media
  • "described it an" → "described it as an"
  • Wikilink chord progressions
  • "to the release which" → "to the album, which"
  • "He commended the band" → "He commended Finch"
  • "said it had "perfect mix" → "said the album has "the perfect mix"
  • "the extra edge"," → "the extra edge,""
  • "Ultimate Guitar hailed the release," → "The team from Ultimate Guitar hailed the album,"
  • "and lacked any" → "and lacks any"
  • "said the group" → "commented that Finch"
  • Wikilink punk rock
  • Target metal to Heavy metal music
  • "she felt the lyrics" → "she felt that the lyrical content on What It Is to Burn"
  • "said the group bounced" → "said the band bounced"
  • "bubbly beats", a fusion which" → "bubbly beats," a fusion that"
  • "of charisma", he added." → "of charisma," Lecaro added."
  • "criticized the song titles, saying that the band" → "criticized the titles of the songs on the album, saying that Finch"

Commercial performance and legacy

  • This should be its own section
  • "at number 99 on the" → "at number 99 on the US"
  • Remove Heatseeker Albums as it is non-notable
  • The April 2003 figures should be in the sentence after the first instead
  • "It also charted at number 177 in the UK. "Letters to You" charted in the UK at number 39." → "It charted at number 177 on the UK Albums Chart, while "Letters to You" reached number 39 on the UK Singles Chart." with the wikilinks
  • "charted at number 15 on the" → "peaked at number 15 on the US"
  • [75] should be solely at the end of the sentence before [76]
  • Target Mainstream Rock to Mainstream Rock (chart)
  • "the album had sold over 400,000 copies." → "What It Is to Burn had sold over 400,000 copies worldwide."
  • Rankings should be at the start of the second para
  • "included the album's title-track on their list" → "included "What It Is to Burn" at number 47 on their list" since otherwise it sounds like an unordered list
  • "said the album was" → "said What It Is to Burn was"
  • "leading the genre" → "noting it for leading the genre"
  • "In 2013, the group" → "In 2013, Finch"
  • "It was initially" → "The celebration was initially"
  • "released a live/video album from this tour" → "released a live video album of the anniversary celebrations"
  • "The album has been" → "What It Is to Burn has been"
  • "Finch's use of" → "Finch's mix of"
  • Remove wikilink on A Day to Remember

Track listing



  • Split P.R. Brown and Kris McCaddon from the previous two names under production into their own sub-heading; title this fourth one Design

Chart positions

  • Retitle to Charts
  • Remove non-notable Heatseeker Albums chart




  • Copyvio score looks good at dead on 20%; congrats!
  • Make sure all of these are archived by using the tool
  • Remove target on Finch for ref 4
  • Target Kludge to Kludge (magazine) on ref 7
  • Remove the publisher from refs 8, 10, 11, 17, 44, 76, 77, 78 and 83
  • WP:OVERLINK of Chart Attack on ref 12 and remove the publisher
  • Wikilink Kerrang! on ref 15
  • WP:OVERLINK of Kludge on ref 16
  • Wikilink Exclaim! on ref 18 and remove the publisher
  • Wikilink Los Angeles Times on ref 19 and remove the publisher
  • Remove the author from refs 20 and 65
  • Fix MOS:QWQ issues with ref 21
  • Target FasterLouder to Junkee Media on ref 22 and remove the publisher
  • Remove the author from ref 23 and target Alternative Press to Alternative Press (magazine)
  • WP:OVERLINK of Finch, MCA and and Drive-Thru Records on ref 42
  • WP:OVERLINK of Finch and MCA Records on ref 43
  • Wikilink Metal Hammer on ref 52 and remove the publisher
  • Fix MOS:QWQ issues with ref 56 and remove the publisher
  • Wikilink Las Magazine on ref 68
  • Remove the author from ref 70 and wikilink Ultimate Guitar
  • Remove ref 71 per WP:RSSM
  • Zobbel → Zobbel.de on ref 74
  • Target Billboard to Billboard (magazine) on ref 75 and remove the publisher
  • Cite Punknews.org as publisher instead for ref 84
  • Fix MOS:QWQ issues with ref 88 and wikilink Rock Sound
  • Killthemusic → Killthemusic.net on ref 89

Works cited

  • Target CMJ New Music Report to CMJ

Final comments and verdict

Done. Yeepsi (talk) 18:01, 9 October 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Yeepsi Did some minor copy editing, but I am very impressed with you quick response rate and how great the work itself is!  Pass time. --K. Peake 07:02, 10 October 2020 (UTC)[reply]