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Welcome to Wikipedia. I'm sorry if I came across as heavy-handed, but the threat of legal action arising from breach of copyright is something that the Wikipedia community closely guard against. I hope you've read up on GNU FDL: anything that you write here may be ruthlessly hacked, and the licence allows the contents to be sold for profit (by other people) as long as the individual authors are acknowledged. Have fun!

There are many things to learn here: if you want a few pointers then come and visit me at User: Noisy, or leave a message on my talk page. Otherwise, the only tips I give are

  • that you sign your name with three tildas (~~~), and leave name and timestamp with four tildas.
  • <nowiki> </nowiki> around text will stop it being interpreted.
  • Play around with your 'preferences' to change the way that your screen is displayed.
  • And finally ... I recommend that you use the 'Show preview' button as a matter of habit before saving your edits. [[User:Noisy|Noisy | Talk]] 11:44, 2 Oct 2004 (UTC)