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The Categories feature allows us to add a [[Category:topicname]] to each dog-related article and have it show up automatically in a list of hierarchically related topics.

The main category for domestic dogs is Category:Dogs.

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Wikipedia:WikiProject Dog breeds/Breed grouping for similar or related info and talk page]]



It currently has as subcategories:



It belongs to the following categories:

Articles needing categories


All of the remaining articles in the following lists need to have categories applied to them, but it isn't entirely clear how to categorize them nor whether these lists will ever go away, as there is considerable annotation on each item and there are items in the latter two lists for which there are no articles and never will be articles.

Dealing with lists of items without articles


One possibility is to move the lists into the textual portion of the Category pages, so that there are, for example, 2 separate lists in the one category page: One generated from articles with Category labels, and the other for items with no related articles. Unfortunately, as of 9/9/04, there is no way to specify which of the two lists comes first in the Category page, leaving the probably more important (generated) list at the bottom and the list of minor topics without articles at the top.

However, that still loses all of the annotations about the items *with* articles that the current lists enjoy.

Subdividing lists into categories


Given that we leave the annotated lists in place and ALSO have a category for the articles:

Proposal for remaining articles, Please comment on discussion page:

  • From List of historical dogs: (subsubcategories? current page has dogs famous in their own right, famous dogs of presidents, famous dogs of other famous people; HOWEVER, there are only about 10 of a list of many that have their own article, and I believe that they're all already covered in the existing Category:Famous dogs!)