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In Serbo-Croatian, hrvatski is the masculine adjectival form meaning "Croatian", both in the plural and singular; it is hrvatska in the feminine singular, hrvatske in the feminine plural, hrvatsko in the neutral singular, hrvatska in the neutral plural. The word hrvatski is also used to refer to the Croatian language, whereas Hrvatska (first letter capital) is the native name for Croatia, the country. As such, all four forms (hrvatski, hrvatska, hrvatske and hrvatsko) commonly appear in native names of many Croatian government institutions, companies, political parties, organisations and sports clubs, as well as some place names.

Examples of the use of these works include:

Organisations and companies

Political parties


The adjective is also used in:

  • NK Hrvatski dragovoljac (lit. Croatian Volunteer), association football club based in Zagreb
  • Hrvatski Band Aid, Croatian supergroup notable for recording the charity single Moja domovina in 1991
  • Hrvatski Idol, Croatian version of the television talent show Pop Idol which aired between 2003 and 2005
  • Hrvatski Top Model Croatian version of the reality television series America's Next Top Model
  • Stadion Hrvatski vitezovi, association football stadium in Dugopolje, literally meaning "Croatian Knights Stadium"

In addition, the term as such is used in:

  • Hrvatski (DJ), pseudonym of the American electronic music artist Keith Fullerton Whitman (b. 1973)

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